Sponsor Homepage 

Group Rate

  • $299/night plus tax until Thursday, August 31, 2023


Check-in: 3:00pm

Check-out: 11:00am

  • All guests arriving before 3:00pm will be accommodated as rooms become available. Guest Services can arrange to check baggage for those arriving early when rooms are unavailable and for guests attending functions on departure day.


Deposit Policy

  • A credit card is required to guarantee reservation.


Parking & Travel Information

  • Visit the Hotel & Travel information section of our FAQ page.


Exhibit Set-Up

Monday, September 18

  • 12:00pm-5:00pm CST


Exhibit Hours

Tuesday, September 19 & Wednesday, September 20

  • 7:30am - 9:00 am CST
  • 11:00am -11:30am CST
  • 12:15pm -1:15pm CST
  •  2:15pm - 2:45pm CST
  •  3:30pm - 4:00pm CST

Exhibit Location 

  • Exhibit Hall, 4th floor


Exhibit Inclusions

  • 6" skirted table with 2 chairs 
  • Wifi is available through the conference center


Need additional audio/visual?  Please contact:

Kevin Clifford, MBA
Sr. Sales Manager

M +1-708-638-8594


**If you require electrical at your booth, please contact Angie Power.**

Inbound Shipments 


Shipments should be addressed as follows:

Guest Name - Company

MatrixCare Inspire 2023

17 E Monroe St Chicago, IL 60603


Visit the UPS Store Business Center on the Concourse Level to retrieve packages and/or schedule package delivery


Outbound Shipments 

  • A handling charge will apply to all materials sent from the hotel 
  • Visit the UPS Store Business Center for all return shipments 


(AI/EPS or PNG 400x400px Minimum)


Platinum and Diamond Sponsors

Mobile App (Due 8/7)

Banner ads must be .jpg, .gif, or .png files and must have a height-to-width ratio of 1:6, so keep          that in mind when designing your banner ads. Recommended sizing for Banner Ads is 600 by 100 px.


Onsite Guide Ad (Due 8/7)

Diamond Sponsors - Full page ad

  • 9” x 9” with no bleed
  • File type: PDF + native files

Platinum Sponsors - 1/2 page ad

  • 9” x 4.375” with no bleed
  • File type: PDF + native files

Gold Sponsors - 1/4 page ad

  • 4.375” x 4.375” with no bleed
  • File type: PDF + native files